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Today's article is about myths and facts of roses, how roses came to existence through myth and interesting facts related to roses.


  • Roses were mentioned first in the myth of Aphrodite's birth. Aphrodite was the goddess for beauty and grace of the Greek pantheon. The myth states that Aphrodite emerged from the white foam of the sea and when the roses saw her they jumped in to impart fragrance to the sea and make her breathing environment, pleasant. This is why roses became Aphrodite's flower. From then on roses were believed to symbolise love, beauty, creativity and charm.
  • Roses grew thorns after Eros or Cupid through an arrow into a rose garden.
  • Romans believed that white roses took their colour after the tears of Venus mourning Adonis, fell on the ground.

In Ancient times….

  • Ancient Greek doctors were using the edible part of the rose as a tonic.
  • Roman women used a rose powder after every time they had a bath to purify their skin.
  • Roman women also used rose extract oil to make their cheeks shine.
  • Rose pastilles were also created and used to freshen someone's breath.
  • In the Ancient Egyptian sarcophagus of Tutankhamen many bouquets of roses were found that were put by his wife for praise and expression of her love to him and her grief towards his death.


  • Roses are the favourite flower of 85% of all people.
  • The oldest fossils of roses were found in Colorado. It was estimated that they were more than 35 million years old.
  • The leading country in exporting roses is Holland or the Netherlands. They use 8000 hectares of land to cultivate roses.
  •  80% of Zambia's land is used for roses cultivation.
  • 54% of Ecuador's land is used for the production of roses.
  • Most of the world's rose cultivation is done in South America and Africa.
  • The hips of roses contain more vitamin C than any citrus type fruit or vegetable.
  • The oldest representation of a rose is depicted on a wall in the palace of Knossos in Crete, Greece.
  • Roses are the official flower of the United States.
  • 74% of people buying roses are males.
  • 32% of roses purchased by women are sent to their mother.

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Roses Myths and Facts

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