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The ultimate bliss silence, light sigh a way: "I am wrong, although he's a madman, is a powerful madman. Things seem to have got a problem..."


"You leave him alone, would help us." Win or that sentence .

The sword of the sing again, still can kill do not qin home,  still can kill? Ultimate bliss is win, will not allow him to do so. know to ultimate bliss hope to win the severe sing, everyone to quit, JingShuiBuFanHeShui later.

Of course, the idea too much wishful thinking. Ultimate bliss and qin home, week home, how can so give up? In ten thousand his family, also don't allow them to pass sang.

Ultimate bliss sighed again, " how do you not understand? So dangerous lunatic, of course, is killed to exempt from the edge. Otherwise, he which day again, we are not crazy more dangerous"win in anger way: "song was not mad, but you go and different,"

A raised my hand against the ultimate bliss, lived the shot of winning acupuncture points, in the mattias lampe shouted up com. "Can solve naval gun sing?

Mattias lampe some difficult, just she saw just sing to the unpredictable sword. For the song,  the heart without any grasp. But also can say, "it's hard to."

Naval gun battle is group of weapons, but to sing such strong individual fix for the threat is not very big. Want to hit song, must first lock him. Sing to the breath can transform unfathomable, too b really ray gun power is still strong, but not too may like yuan baby real use sophisticated as practice. The change of the straight line, almost helpless not sing.

Of course, warships equipped with various complete skulls, in ten kilometers around the battleship inside, there is no any blind Angle. If it can sing desperate hard rushed in and out he is not easily shot.

Day ROM warships, if it is far away from the eternal field, too b really ray gun can power to develop acme, can even compare god of top. A cannon kill yuan baby, is not difficult. However, the power of support by the nickel-ferric array method, ghd hair straightener and no country can consume up.

Ultimate bliss hesitant bottom, don't know if I should continue to call a person. Four yuan baby all can't kill sang, that her strength can only rely on the number of hard....... Sing to want to walk, but who have no holding. Continue to increase the relief troops, meaning do not seem to be.

Even the qin home, also won't have too many yuan baby the strong. A because financial limit, or will scruple the emperors suspicion.

The rare hesitate to ultimate bliss, the battleship battle outside has done.

Autumn comes at a time when, more CanRan stars. A billionaire stars gathered to the Milky Way is long, which spans zhongtian, the sky in two.

Looking at the stars sing millions, have feeling at heart, the heroism. To the three yuan baby's humanitarian: "three, look at the time, let me send a few the trip"

ChuYuan is five hundred and fifty years old, he lunar refinement life cut soul arcane,  make moves ZhuanSha people out, is the most secretive biting. His age has of course won't easily move by the words to sing, so ZuoSe, also just remind the other two men, not in the bullpen.

Just LiYunFei dead of shady, ChuYuan to sing really terrified on top of the world. Hear ChuYuan wrath of drink, and all the other two men with shots at the same time.

The other two yuan baby the strong; the name of the one was FengYu, a call CuiZe.

FengYu good at positive and negative five line destroy god knife. To say this door method tactic, also called on the JueXue is supreme, and nine glory to the travelling the ninja team coordination. Only in FengYu hand, also but is a careful, not to mention the god meaning inheritance, is travelling is incomplete law.

But by this is careful, FengYu just progress to the yuan baby realm. Unfortunately,  has his talent and the ability to yuan baby state, has been the limit.

CuiZe is the evil spirit is security, a frost spell a superb, and shape a more quickly if electricity, in three people, also is the fastest.

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This article was published on 2012/05/17